Sunday, June 26, 2011

Practice makes... not so perfect... And other assorted things!

So, I've rickshawin' for the past couple of hours, as per usual. Practice, practice, practice all the damn time, and I still feel like I'm getting no where. I undertook my biggest musical challenge so far months ago, and I've yet to see much fruit from my labor. Paganini's fifth might be easier to play on guitar, but I definitely can't tell.

I guess if you could just instantly learn things, music wouldn't be very fun or challenging. Still, I see prodigies all the time, shreddin' it up like no body's business. It's kinda frustrating to see that, but I have complete respect for that kind discipline and talent. It's rare, and even rarer to see those talents used to their full potential.

But... enough bitching. Let's talk politics for a second:

Now, by no means is politics my strong suit. Seriously, I've tried. I've watched the news; CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. I've gone on new sites. I've done all kinds of things, but politics bewilders the hell out of me.

You know how you meet someone, and they have a set of really zealous beliefs? They really believe something is the way they think it is, and will not even so much as look at other possibilities. Fox News comes across that way, to me. As I've said, I've watched Fox, and am not just going by stuff that Jon Stewart says on The Daily Show. I know one could argue, even utilize some credible statistics, to prove that Fox does have, in their regular news programs, your fairly typical reporting format. I can't criticize that, but their opinion-based stuff... just comes across as really self-righteous, and with misplaced indignation. It's as if they want galvanize their viewers into a frenzy over a perceived since of minority in the political spectrum. Then again, Jon Stewart can be just as bad at times. And Seth MacFarland's uber liberalism pisses me off just as much as anything on Fox.

Bewildered, like I said. I really have no intelligent input on the subject, at the moment, and I apologize for that. I would like to do more astute pieces on politics in the future, but for now, this is what I got. 'Mainly just trying to convey to you guys the conflict I have with it.


  1. politics, its all biased in my opinion, its so rare to find people that look at both viewpoints, without biased perspectives. im even guilty of it sometimes. that why i try to stay away from it.

  2. How could you taint your own blog by posting about politics after such a nice writing about Art Tatum???

  3. Hey, a man's got to diversify, brother.

  4. One of my favorite episodes of the daily show by far. I absolutely despise FOX, and just about all the commercial news networks for that matter. NPR FOR LIFE.

  5. Now that's a very strong and true video. I liked have Stewart even admits, his credibility comes from how other news lacks credibility, and just basically him pointing that shit out.

  6. I don't bother with politics, most of the time. I have my own personal beliefs and principles that I follow, not because of some political agenda, but because it's what I feel is right. Guess that makes me more liberal than anything, but oh well.

  7. Politics is the system in which people decided what is right and wrong in this country, and in reality we have dropped morality for the media, and we have given our selves over to the idea that one can like or dislike politics.

    Politics is not like musical taste, its like breathing, and especially in a functioning democracy.

    Wanna know why the country is doing so poorly? its because people don't like politics, and choose to stay quiet as the loud mouths and those who can profit take over.

    Its the sensible people who should be in politics, so don't say you stay out because its bewildering, tackle it head on and make the country better, and maybe the world.

    good post, made me think.

  8. I agree with Red. it is really importent to be involved and learn what is going on in government. democracy means "the people rule" and unfortunately america is becoming a place where few rule. the more people that get involved, means the more power goes back to the people.