Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh, just one more thing...

I'm very saddened by the death of Peter Falk, the seminal actor who played quirky "Columbo" on the series by the same name. Apparently, Peter had been suffering from Alzheimer's for a number of years, to the point of even forgetting the role, entirely. I've had members of my own family suffer from Alzheimer's. It's not an easy thing to deal with. My heart goes out to Falk's relatives in the hopes that their grief will be ameliorated soon.

I used to watch the show when I was younger. I certainly didn't see it when it originally aired, back in the 70s, but I do feel a certain attachment to it. Even though television had changed over the decades, and I was probably much more in tune with modern programming, I genuinely liked it. It's one of those shows that's timeless, like M*A*S*H or Twilight Zone. It's something that people will remember.



  1. Sometimes shows just find a place in your heart, even when they aren't from your era.

  2. very true... i am not familiar with Falk, but i can certainly relate.

  3. Dude, really?
    Aww, man... I'm gonna miss him.
    Despite the bad news, followed.

  4. It always sucks losing someone so cool.

  5. Avery, you were already following me, remember? =p

  6. Sad, I actually very liked columbo