Friday, June 24, 2011

Inhibited and Uninspired

I was standing outside earlier, trying to figure out what to blog about today. I guess I'm still not used to the whole blogging thing, yet. I'm really not hard wired for it. I'm usually quite around people, at parties, around the water cooler, ect. I like to listen to other people, rather than to run my mouth. I've never considered myself a profound or thoughtful person. Not exactly the best attitude to have for a blogger.

So I decided that I'll say a few things about myself, and where I come from, since I haven't taken the time to really do that yet. The readers need to have some kind of idea of what I'm like, right?

I hail from Georgia. If you're not from here, you might have a somewhat skewed opinion of what it's like in these here parts. Yeah, we got a lot of stupid people, it's pretty laid back and usually uneventful, and there's vast amounts of empty country everywhere... but it's really not that bad. The quaint, vacant atmosphere can definitely help you clear your head. The way the sunlight hits the land at twilight, or at sun up, is quite beautiful to me... I suppose it's probably like that everywhere else, though.

If you were to come here, you'd find that just about everyone between the ages of 15 - 30 wants to "get the hell out of here." Just about every person I meet is restless, and abhors the complete lack of activity. Maybe I'm missing something; maybe I'm just complacent. I certainly don't feel the same way. What I really dislike about living here, though, is the total lack of opportunities. Take what I want to do for example: Music. I'd give anything to be able to rent out a space at a music shop, and teach music. Hell, even if it didn't pay much, I'd still do it, just for the experience. Even just working at a music store would be nice. Because of my age, or perhaps because I'm not "in" with the scene and don't know enough people, that probably won't happen, until I either move, or go to school - Even then, it might not happen.

I'm pretty relegated, especially considering my transportation issues. My city isn't like New York, or any other modern urban city, with mass transport - trains, buses, trams, and the like. We do have a bus, but it'll only take you to anywhere within a small area of the city. If you work on the outskirts of town, and don't have a car, well... you better start walkin'!

I can't make excuses, though. If I'm jobless, that's my fault. You can't just blame circumstance. Is it too much to ask that you get to do something you've put a lot of work into, though?

Anyway, that's about all I got for today. I might post another blog later, but for now, here's Jeff Loomis:


  1. I know what you mean, I'm the same way. Its amazing how some people like to talk and talk just for the sake of filling silence. Don't give up on music man, something will present itself, you just gotta keep your eyes open for it.

  2. I understand what you mean. I feel like I've grown up in the wrong era and place. Maryland has some nice parts to it, but I just happened to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.